Josh & Lizzie are two of the most friendly and cheerful people I've ever met.  They met lifeguarding one summer near their hometown of Hartford.  Lizzie was quiet and somewhat shy, while Josh, on the other hand, was charismatic and extremely outgoing.  She initially passed him off as just another goofball, but after he popped up on her lifeguard post one day and invited her out on for run, she found herself intrigued by this charming co-worker and took him up on his offer.  Not long after, they became fast friends and after chasing each other on the pavement for some time, they soon found themselves pursuing one another's hearts.  

They've seen each other through a lot and continue to grow through the struggles, striving to follow Christ and offer their time in meaningful ways to those around them. 

Whether it's in or out of the pool, you'll most likely find these two aspiring Athletic Trainers helping others in some way. 


Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015